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Top of the line trucking and freight transportation solutions.

Rangulal Carrier INC is one of the largest and most progressive transportation and logistics companies in America. Since our inception, we have grown continuously and now operate all over the US. We employ the newest equipment and trucks, all operated by our skilled drivers on the road.

Our expertise in the industry, together with our experienced staff, makes us a reliable and dependable option for individuals and corporates. We also offer a range of truckload transportation services within the United States, including regional and long-haul.

Boasting an industry-leading safety score and an overall dedication to our clients and employees, we are here to cater to your every shipping need. We give you a single-source solution, peace of mind, one invoice, and, best of all, complete confidence that your shipment will arrive securely without any damage anywhere in the USA.

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Rangulal Carrier


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Why Choose Us?

Trusted by Hundreds of American Brands.

Rangulal Carrier


We are in business for over a year and know how important it is to get your things delivered at the right time, every time.


We use competitive pricing and never inflate the invoice price through hidden or extra charges.


We handle everything professionally and go above and beyond to ensure freight delivery as per your expectations.


At Rangulal Carrier INC, we use straps, belts, and other equipment to ensure your goods are delivered in their original condition.

One Stop Solutions


A Leading and Innovative Logistics Solution for Distributors and Warehouses.

Rangulal Carrier

Since our inception, we have opened our doors for businesses and individuals who needed to have their goods transported across the US. Our multi-modal capabilities, including cross-border solutions, truckload, and dedicated and regional transportation, position us to respond to most business demands effectively and efficiently.We conduct our business professionally and are committed to all social responsibilities.

Our professional understands the importance of timely deliveries and aims to build lasting relationships with brokers, dispatchers, employees, and vendors. We value our company’s ethics of transparency and integrity and take pride in the trucking and freight transporting services we provide. Our mission is to reduce your transportation costs through innovative solutions and advanced logistics support.

Rangulal Carrier INC is ready to deliver your shipments, including building products, consumer goods, and machinery, safely and securely. We use tarps, chains, binders, and straps for each shipment to save it from damage. Our company values the relationship we build through the quality services we provide to companies and do our best to ensure positive and satisfactory client satisfaction.

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Rangulal Carrier INC

A Leading and Innovative Logistics Solution for Distributors and Warehouses.

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