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Susheel Mishra

Susheel was born on 18 November 1991 into a Hindu family in Unche Jhanjhari Village.

Out of a family of 6 brothers and 4 sisters, Susheel has been the most cherished of his father. After the sudden death of the father, all the responsibilities of the house were taken care of by the elder brothers. Susheel's childhood was spent in many conflicts.

Education & Experience

Susheel did his schooling at High School, Shri TilakVidyaMandir Inter College Belsar Road, Gonda. Then he pursued his graduation at Minnesota State University, Mankato, United States. Leaving a family of 35-40 people, Susheel had to move from Uttar Pradesh to Chicago in 2013 to fulfillhis& family’s dreams. After coming to the USA, he worked for a few days in cities like Fairfield, Iowa, California, Las Vegas, Utha, Ohio and earned money.

Susheel did not stop studying even after graduation. He showed interest in Astrology, Horoscope, Architecture, Stone - Gems and achieved excellence! Sushil also obtained a diploma in International Human Rights, USA!

Legacy of Business

Susheel worked hard to build a logistics company, Rangulal Carriers, in California in the name of his late father, Mr. Rangu Lal Mishra.

Susheel today does many more businesses with RANGU LAL CARRIER, which includes Network Marketing, Investment, Insurance sector, and also owns MS Industries.

MS Industries

MS Industries deals in Diamonds, Gold, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, emerald, and many types of expensive gems and stones.You can buy reliable and genuine gems from here.

Religious and Spiritual

Susheel is from a Hindu family and he respects all religions. They worship Lord Rama and Sita and follow the ideals of Hanuman Ji.Born in a Brahmin family, Susheel has always followed his religion and never consumed meat, fish and alcohol!

Serving the Society

Susheel Mishra, along with being a businessman, is also interested in social and religious work and always serves the needy.

Susheel Mishra, through Shri RangulalMadhavSeva Trust, keeps on providing food to poor girls from time to time for the marriage of poor girls, education of children, and poor people.

Awards and Honours

Susheel Mishra is the first person in his village who has stayed in America and formed religious works for the Indians there. And they always do religious and social work from time to time with the help of people.

Susheel has also been honored many times in America and India due to his social work. His work has been praised by the government as well as celebrities from the film and sports world, one of whom is the Great Khali (Dalip Singh Rana).

Everyone appreciates Susheel's friendly behavior and supports him in every social and religious work. Susheel is always ready to help everyone.


Apart from this, Susheel Mishra also actively participates in the work of politics. As a fan and worker of the Bharatiya Janata Party, he has given a lot of support! Susheel continues to cooperate in Hindu YuwaWahine and Bajrang Dal also as high workers!


Talking about hobbies, Susheel Mishra is no less than anyone here, his collection of expensive gems & stones-diamonds, gold, and luxury cars is very unique.

Furthermore, we remain confident that we shall achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. It is your trust that motivates us!