Susheel Mishra

Susheel Mishra is a well-known, Businessman, Karma Yogi, Social activist and environmentalist and the main driving force behind the establishment of the NGO, Shri Rangulal Madhav Seva Trust.

Susheel Mishra S/o Late Shri Rangu Lal Mishra is Co-founder of Rangu Lal Carrier Inc & President of Shri Rangulal Madhav Seva Trust.

Shri Rangulal Madhav Seva Trust was formed in 2022 to help needful people in a better and organised way. The trust extends financial and non-financial support in the fields of Education, Health and Community Development. We strongly believe that the disadvantaged need opportunities, not charity. We are building a world where everyone can go to school, eat nutritious food and live free from deadly diseases. Every marriage is a big responsibility and happiness to the family we help them morally and financially. Every girl child is a goddesses of our nation. We never let them helpless, we stand for them in every circumstance. As a token of support we have built a girls hostel at Uttar Pradesh to provide our girl children a safe and secure life. Also one more building is under construction. We are focusing on three areas of policy that impact global poverty: Global Health, Education, and Nutrition.